Before giving up there was one more ledge that I thought I could reach by putting my right hand on a handhold just as high as I could reach and then swinging up and putting my left hand there too and catching the ledge off to the right with my heel. I was just set to do that. I was about six feet above Colby, who was standing on a ledge beneath me, while Price was off to one side when I felt a crack just coming just about at my waistline. I reacted instantly forcing my whole left side into a crevice of the rock and holding this big rock in place to keep it from falling. I finally persuaded Colby to get out from beneath and let the rock go. It landed right where he had been. It must have weighed several hundred pounds. I was shivering and shaking and my mouth tasted all copper and I was just about ready to fall off when I said to myself, I've never heard of anyone just letting go and falling off a mountain, and I'm not going to be the first one. I pulled myself together, stopped shivering, and came down literally on my fingertips and toes until Colby could reach me and drag me off to one side onto a broad ledge.
-- Francis Farquhar, 1912

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